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Since 1985, OxyPro has experienced continual growth, earning a reputation as a leading provider of gas products, recharging and welding equipment in Edmonton. OxyPro supplies products for many industries including oil and gas, machine shops, food and beverage, construction and automotive.

Company Profile

  • Distributors throughout Alberta.
  • In business since 1985.
  • Totally independent
  • Filling facility at the main office for all gases.
  • Certified hydro-test facility
  • Calibration of oil filled gauges.
  • Gas cylinders at the lowest price in Canada.
  • Only company to sell all sizes of cylinders.
  • New equipment sales

Mission Statement

Oxygen Products Ltd. strives to maintain its position as the primary supplier of gas products and services. We take pride in superior customer support and expert service to gain a loyal customer base.


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Member of the Better Business Bureau for 25 years Member of Transport Canada

Five Reasons Why Customers Choose Us

  1. Great customer service, we are not afraid to go the extra mile.
  2. Opportunity to purchase your own cylinders. You will never have a rental or lease bill again.
  3. In house hydrotesting and gas cylinder filling.
  4. On hand inventory of millions of dollars.
  5. Onsite service and repairs of torches and regulators.